Oral Substution Therapy

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Paknajole, Kathmandu


Substance use has been one of the major problems in the community among the young people who becomes highly vulnerable to HIV/AIDS. In contrast to male drug users, female drug users are no exception. Drug use among females is highly alarming which has been going unnoticed by government as well as the communities, thus, Dristi Nepal, is non-profitable, non–governmental organization led by female ex-drug users has been established in 2006 to address the issues related to female drug use and drug led HIV/AIDS and to help female drug users come into recovery and prevent them from HIV/AIDS.

Buprenorphin Pharmacotherapy program.

Dristi Nepal started this program from 12th April, 2009 till February 2010  to provide service for female drug users in Nepal, for the first time in Nepal at Paknajol, Katmandu, Nepal. Buprenorphin is a medicine available in 2 mg and 4mg tablets form which is given as substitution, prescribed by the doctor to   female opiate drug users. The program also provided  day care service to female drug users.


  • To minimize the harms related to drug use and blood borne diseases.

  • To reduce the negative consequences of substace misuse on families and the society.

  • To provide maintenance treatment program for short term to the female drug users.

  • To encourage the female drug users for the abstinence program.

  • To provide support for female drug users mentally and physically.

  • To provide PHC/Field PHC services to female drug users.

  • To help promote stigma and discrimination free society for female drug users.

OST Team

From left to right :-

Sanjila Adhikari ( Office Assistant), Purna Shova maharjan ( HA),

Anju Gurung ( Counselor), Mukunda Shrestha ( Counselor)

Administering buprenorphin to women who use drugs ( OST Counselor Mukunda Shrestha)




For Detailed Information Contact +977-1-4383889

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