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Substance misuse is one of the major problems within young people's communities and they are highly vulnerable to Viral Hepatitis and HIV infection. In contrast to male drug users female drug users are no exception in Nepal. Drug use amongst women is highly alarming which has been going unnoticed by government as well as the communities, thus, Dristi Nepal is a non-profitable, non–governmental organization led by women who use drugs for  the first time in Nepal in 2006 and  has been established to address the issues related to women who use drugs and drug led HIV.To help  them reintegrate in the society and prevent them from HIV/AIDS and  to raise voice against drug led women violence.

Mission Statement


To reduce the harms associated with drug use by providing advocacy, advice and information, care, treatment and support to women who use drugs, whilst assisting them to meaningfully reintegrate within society.

Our vision is to help create a stigma and discrimination free society for Women who use drugs in Nepal and prevent them from becoming infected with HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexually Transmitted Infections – (STIs).


  • To provide a gender-sensitive, enabling environment for the care, treatment and support of vulnerable women and their children.
  • To enhance the health status and living standards of female drug users and their children.
  • To increase understanding, reduce the frequency of / suffering caused by domestic abuse, drugs-led violence and sexual exploitation, by raising awareness and empowering women.
  • To provide a skills-based program - (for female ex-drug users), which supports their recovery and rehabilitation, whilst improving individual income-generating and employment opportunities.
  • To challenge stigma and discrimination whilst promoting respect and equality.
  • To advocate and lobby for the rights of FDUs, Sex Workers and PLWH – (People Living With HIV).
  • To empower FDUs and reintegrate them within the community.
  • To raise awareness about drugs and HIV, whilst undertaking prevention activities, within local communities.



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