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Substance misuse is one of the major problems emerging amongst young people within our communities; they are also vulnerable to being infected with Viral Hepatitis and HIV. Female drug users are no exception to this and rates of HIV infection amongst women are increasing at an alarming speed. This worrying upward trend of female drug use and HIV infection has been going unnoticed by the government and local communities.

Dristi Nepal was founded in 2006, by female ex-drug users for female drug users – the first female, peer-led project of this kind. Dristi Nepal was established to address the many issues facing women who use drugs, including HIV prevention, and to ensure gender-sensitive services. Dristi is a non-profit, non-governmental organization – (NGO) based in Kathmandu; the Regional Office in Dharan was established in 2008.

Thank you for visiting this website. We would like to encourage you to support us, in advocating for the rights of women - their care, treatment and reintegration within society.

We do Exist and Treatment is Our Right!

Dristi Nepal values your support, both past and present. Thank you very much.

Parina Subba Limbu

Program Director



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